20 Minute Lower Body Circuit

So… I was short on time this afternoon, but I still wanted to get my legs workout in. This was a short work out, but powerful enough to leave my legs and hands shaking! 

Rules for a GREAT (and safe) workout:

  1. Ease into your workout–injuries happen when you are not careful. Warm up with the same exercises you are going to perform but with a lesser load–first time with 30% of the weight you intend to push, second time with 60%. These workout rounds do not count towards your workout!
  2. Load up the weight to a weight that you are capable of pushing–but find difficult to push out the last few reps with. You should be out of breath and your legs should be burning at the end of each round. If you can speak a full sentence you are not working hard enough! When you finish you should feel a little shaky.
  3. Stop if you need to, don’t hurt yourself. If you start to feel pain, stop.
  4. Keep good form throughout the exercises. Do not sacrifice form for more weight.
  5. Eat some protein straight afterwards to aid in muscle recovery (and to avoid the “hangry” state!).


Front Squat with Barbell, heels raised, 8-12 reps

Place two weight plates down shoulder width apart to place your heels as you perform the exercise on so they are raised slightly. Bring the barbell up so it is resting across your shoulders at your front, then place your heels on the plates. Start from the top. Go down for 4 counts. Once at the bottom, explode up. Squeeze your glutes (bottom muscles) at the top. Go straight down into the next rep.

No rest.

Leg Press, toes turned out, 15-20 reps

Position yourself on the Leg Press machine with your toes turned out about 45 degrees. Go in for two counts, out for two counts. Try not to stop at either end, and also try not to lock your knees. Push from your heels and use your glutes. Make sure you bring your legs in far enough to feel your glutes working!

No rest.

Leg Extension, 6-8 reps

Start at the bottom. Explode up, hold for a second and then go down for 4 counts. Do not stop at the bottom. That last rep should be a-burnin’ up your thighs. 😉

Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat 4-5 times

Enjoy the burn!


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