Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo Recipe

“I smell… chocolate!” my friend said, sniffing the air around me.

“Yeah, it’s my hair.”

“Your… hair?”

Yes, my hair. I put cacao in my hair. Most people think I am crazy when I tell them, but it really does work!

You see, I have terribly thin hair and my hair is much more voluminous and easier to style when it hasn’t been washed for a few days. The problem with that however is that because my hair is so thin it also gets very oily when I don’t wash it–and nobody wants to be friends with a grease-head. For a while I bought dry shampoo and thought my life was saved, but at $10 a can (youch!) I just couldn’t justify buying it, especially since I would go through the cans very quickly.

Then I discovered Wellness Mama’s dry shampoo recipe. Life officially saved.


And the recipe is so simple:

  1. Mix together cornstarch or arrowroot powder and cacao until you have a colour suitable to your hair colour.
  2. Use a large mineral foundation brush (or something similar) to dip into the mixture and then dust off the excess.
  3. Dab the brush with powder all over the roots of your hair, leave for 30 seconds, and then brush out the excess powder. EDIT: I actually find I get the best results when I put the dry shampoo in and leave it in overnight.


You would think that it would actually look like I was making brownies in my hair, but it really doesn’t. Here is the proof:


So what are you waiting for? Quit spraying a bunch of chemicals and paying through the teeth to soak up the oil – instead go and make a batch of brownies in your hair!

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