Amanda Hilburn: The Southern, Sweet-Tea Lovin’ Artist {+ a Giveaway}

This special series I have titled “Worthy Women at Work” (yes, I am sorry, there is some more alliteration for you) is dedicated to learning from and supporting women who support their husbands by using their talents to generate an income from home.

As well as learning for myself, I am also all for supporting women who want to work primarily from home so they can be with their children. After all, families are the fabric of our society; and the better the children are taught, the better our churches, schools and communities will be.

With the world the way it is, these women also need our moral support. The world is going to tell us that what we are doing is not as important or exciting as what we could be doing if we had a full time career and hired a nanny.

Let’s stop feeding ourselves and one another the world’s lies and support those trying to raise their families well!

This week’s Worthy Woman @ Work is Amanda Hilburn.

In her own words, Amanda is “a Christian, wife, mother, self-taught artist, and blogger who is striving daily to be what God wants her to be.” She also happens to be totally cute (just look at her!) and sweet — that’s me saying these things, not her. 😉

I have had the privilege of being a recipient of her hospitality several times and spending time with her beautiful family. Let me tell you, with her beautifully behaved kids, well-kept home and obviously very happy husband, Amanda is definitely a woman that I look up to to help me to know more about the practical side of the “Titus 2” kind of stuff. She is actively trying to be a great example to, as on her blog she has posts like “How to Keep Your Nest Looking its Best,” “Combining Hymn Study with Nature Journals,” and “Modest In Heart.”

She is also an example to me as she is making a living at home, because she sees the importance of staying at home and teaching her children.

Amanda is the artist behind a booming online art business, where she uses all different kinds of media to bring her clients one-of-a-kind (and often customizable) home and fashion items.

I love that a lot of her items are based on scripture! I am all for that.

Here are some samples of her work that I particularly love:





Questions and Answers with Amanda

So, how did you start your online business?

Amanda said that though she hadn’t been actively pursuing art, she picked it back up and found a way to help her husband take care of the finances at home.

“As I got back into creative mode, I painted a few things for my own home and started sharing them on some social networking sites. Much to my surprise, people took interest! I began to take a few orders from friends, and it all really took off from that point. I love painting! It’s so much fun! I really love doing what I do! I’ve continued to learn more on my own using the internet and books. I also enjoy experimenting with different things on my own! My artwork is living example of the benefits of  self-taught learning at any age.”

With all the things that you do, I wonder, how do you manage your time?

“I make lots of lists. I also keep a paper planner where I write EVERYTHING down. I am a pen and paper kind of girl so being able to physically cross out accomplishments is a big deal for me.”

Regarding her daily bible study and prayer habits, she adds, “I’m a night owl so my reading and study time usually happen after the kids are in bed. I like to read from my Bible and I also like to read books written by faithful Christian author.”

What is one of the biggest challenges you face?

“Trying to balance everything can be really hard. I am constantly reminding myself of what’s really NEEDED right now, in this moment. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’ve had to learn to let go of some things that would be GOOD to do and focus on the things that are BETTER and have eternal consequences.”

Your favourite verse?

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust (Psalm 91:4)

Why? “I love the picture of love and safety that this verse paints in my mind. It’s very comforting to me.”

What would your encouragement and advice be to women who want to work from home but are being told that it is not the best thing?

“Being at home is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had! It is anything BUT boring and it’s my God-given role so I feel that I can do my best and pray for help when I need it. He will take care of those who want to be home with their children and bring them up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” We have always had everything we need. God has blessed us more than I can even list. We may not have the most expensive material things, but that is not important to us. We have wonderful relationships with one another and are continually growing together spiritually. That’s what’s important!”

Find out more about Amanda’s story here.

Visit Amanda’s Etsy shop here.

 …and now for the GIVEAWAY!

Amanda has graciously and generously offered a 5×7 customizable mixed media scripture canvas worth $48 to one of you lucky readers for FREE! Isn’t she the sweetest?


Click here to Enter via Facebook {CLOSED–Thank you to all the participants!}

PLEASE NOTE: Only postage inside the US will be covered – as international postage costs are high. So sorry to all our international friends!

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17 thoughts on “Amanda Hilburn: The Southern, Sweet-Tea Lovin’ Artist {+ a Giveaway}

  1. Found your link on Blessing Counters Linkup. It was my first time joining. We are missionaries in South Africa wanting to relocate to the States and I’m hoping to support my family through my creative talents. I have been working hard, but living in a small town means that I don’t make many sales. We’ve gone further afield, but the travelling and other costs (like a stand at a market) makes it not worth it either. I’m also an Etsy shop owner, but haven’t had any sales there. Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa


  2. Yes, I agree with the others – beautiful stuff! I will have to check out more! Thanks for sharing about your life working from home, it gives me lots to think about. Blessings to you and your business!


  3. Her artwork is beautiful and her focus to stay home with her family is even more beautiful! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂


  4. What an inspiration!
    Her artwork is gorgeous. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at Homemaker’s Challenge Homemaking Successes weekly link up!
    Yours was the most popular post!


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