Cajun Chicken Crispers {THM:S, Paleo, DF, GF}

, Hubs: “Mmm… these are good. What are they made with?”

Me: “They are made with almond flour.”

Hubs: “Well, they are winners!”

Sweet victory! When my husband tells me that a recipe I dream up is a winner, it makes my heart dance.

The great thing about these is that not only are they delicious little ways to make the husband happy, but they are also super easy, ready in no time at all, guilt free, and gluten free — which means that they are winners in all areas so far as I am concerned.


Crispy, crunchy, and seasoned with spice — there is little doubt in my mind that these lovely chicken crispers are sure to be winners at your house too.


Cajun Chicken Crispers


4 chicken breasts

2 eggs

1 cup almond meal

4 tbs cajun seasoning (I use this recipe for Creole seasoning–it’s so good! I’ll never buy it again!)

ghee (or other healthy oil) for frying


1. Cut chicken breasts lengthways into thin strips.

2. In one bowl, whisk the 2 eggs until completely blended. In another, mix together almond meal and seasoning.

3. Coat the chicken first in the egg, and then in the almond meal mixture.

4. Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan on a medium heat. place the chicken in the pan, but do not overcrowd–keep a space between the chicken. This will make sure it goes crispy and does not start to bubble.


5. Continue step 4 until all the chicken is done.

6. Serve with your choice of sides. We had mashed potato and salad (that weird purple stuff is a mash of purple sweet potato, yellow sweet potato, carrot, and garlic–delicious!).


I think these would go particularly well with my Kale, Apple and Beetroot Salad with Walnut Cranberry Sauce. Mmm…

kale salad

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