Raw Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecakes {Paleo, Vegan, GF, DF}

Chocolate Bavarian cheesecake is a dessert that I remember from the days of my youth with fondness. It was always the frozen box kind, and there would always be a choice between strawberry cheesecake and chocolate Bavarian.

I would usually have a piece of both (being the little piggy that I was, but if I had a choice I would usually choose the chocolate Bavarian. Surprised? I’m sure that if you have been to my recipes page you would not be surprised at all. I love, and have always loved chocolate.

This reminds me of the cake I used to have, both in taste and in the childlike way I can eat this without feeling an ounce of guilt.

Here’s to eating chocolate. Every. Single. Day.

So here is how it happened. The other day I wanted a delicious but healthy dessert to take to my friend’s house… and came up with this little beauty: a Raw Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecake.

Oh yes, my friend. You heard me right. A guilt-free, chocolate Bavarian cheesecake. I hit the jackpot.


So easy.


So delicious.


So beautiful.


…and my friends — who aren’t raw-eaters or anything like that — liked them too. These are winners.

Raw Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecakes

Makes 12


1 cup soaked almonds (soaked over night in water)

1/2 cup coconut, desiccated

1 cup dates, pitted


  1. Grind the almonds in processor with coconut until fine.
  2. Add the dates one at a time and blend until it becomes a paste.
  3. Divide between 12 muffin holes and press down to form a base — I recommend using muffin pans or slices of baking paper (cut in a strip and laid underneath to use as a tab) so that they are easy to remove and don’t get stuck in the tin.
Chocolate layer

1 cup chocolate protein powder (naturally sweetened)

1 cup coconut milk (fresh, thick)

1 cup soaked almonds (soaked over night in water)

1/4 cup honey, agave, or maple syrup

1 cup unsweetened cacao/cocoa


  1. Grind the almonds in processor with coconut until fine.
  2. Add all other ingredients and blend well, until it becomes smooth.
  3. Divide between the 12 muffins holes and press down.

6 tbsp coconut cream (the layer on top after being in the fridge)

2 tbsp honey, agave, or maple syrup

cacao nibs (optional)


  1. Mix together coconut cream and sweetener in a small zip lock bag.
  2. Let all the air out and close firmly.
  3. Cut a small hole in the corner and draw the coconut mixture on the cakes in desired pattern.
  4. Sprinkle cacao nibs over.
To Finish:
  1. Place in the freezer overnight (6-8 hours).
  2. Serve straight from the freezer. Within a minute the cheesecake will soften to a cheesecake-y texture. Superbalicious!


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17 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecakes {Paleo, Vegan, GF, DF}

    1. 3/4 cup cacao and 1/4 cup coconut milk, I reckon. The protein powder adds a bit of “stick” so you can’t just sub for cacao. I can’t vouch for it completely because I haven’t tried it, but I’ll say I’m about 95% sure that that would work. 🙂


  1. I love that you made these in little cupcake wrappers. Perfect for a single serving. I’ll have to try these for my kiddo. He’s recently GF and DF now. Thanks for sharing on #yuckstopshere link up. Please comes share again with us next week.


  2. YUM YUM YUM this sounds great! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you share this week! Its LIVE!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com


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