How to Add Volume to Thin Hair Naturally + An Easy Date Night Up-do {Taming Rapunzel}


Ever since I stumbled across this blog during a late-night blog trawl, I have admired this beautiful girl’s work, as well as her exemplary attitude. This isn’t just another beauty-focused site! Kristen presents her work from a Christian-perspective, stressing that beautifying one’s self is not the most important thing.

She even has a series dedicated to busy mums who want to still keep their hair nice in minimal time. I love that.

It is because of this focus (and her amazing skills with hair and photography, I mean really, sometimes I enjoy just looking at the pictures!), that I go to her site above all others when it comes to ideas for my hair.


So here’s the story. My hair was kind of dirty (and it was date night, but I didn’t want to curl my hair. I always curl my hair for special date nights! This was our 5th Anniversary date night, so I wanted to look nice and different to what I usually wear.

So since Kristen found herself in a similar dilemma in this post, I decided to give this knotted chignon a whirl.

I already had a braid in the top of my hair, and it had a lot of volume, so I left that as it was (after applying my Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo to the roots) and proceeded to finish the rest of the hairstyle off with this knotted chignon. The style was easy to emulate, with step-by-step pictures and instructions, and took me less than 5 minutes.

Right at the end I tied a ribbon to the end of my hair and tucked it into the style for a bit of interest.

Although my hair didn’t turn out the same as Kristen’s… actually, it turned out nothing like it. I have much less hair than this blonde beauty! Still, I loved the effect. In my hair it turned out like a more textured braid. Usually braids sit close to my head or reveal my scalp, but this style gave my hair more volume and texture. Yay!

Adding the ribbon also added to the deception.


That piece of hair I left out is still annoying me, and I should have tucked it in… but I didn’t realize at the time. Thankfully I fixed it before dinner, but I had to rush out before taking any more selfies. Oh well. Hopefully you get the idea!

Adding Volume to Thin Hair

Here are some ways I have learnt to deceive people into thinking I have more hair than I actually have:

  • For me, upstyling (or really, any styling) is better with dirty hair, because it gives my very thin and soft hair some volume and manageability. To take away the oily look I apply my Homemade Natural Dry Shampoo to the roots.
  • Curls are always good for adding volume! I try not to do this too much, as the heat is damaging.


  • Sometimes I put my hair up in a bun or two and spray it with hairspray. After it is up for a few hours (or overnight) I take it out and I have curls! Again, this holds better with a-few-days-old dirty hair.
  • Loosely-braiding or pinning up the hair in a quiff at the front when my hair is down or in a pony-tail helps to give the illusion that I have more hair on top.

I asked Kristen for some further advice on how to manage thin hair, and she gave me the following tips:

  • Take vitamins. Vitamin B and Silica gel are good for your hair. Vitamin B is good for hair and also helps with stress (which can be a cause for hair loss). Usually, if there is something going on in our body, it will show itself in our hair and nails (they are made up of the same protein–keratin). I would try and take something orally and see if your hair improves.
  • Stay away from colouring your hair if your hair is thin.
  • If you notice that you lose hair a lot/breaks easily, avoid pulling it tight. Looser styles like braids or half ups will have less stress on hair root.
  • Definitely don’t wear your hair in a ponytail while you sleep. If you like your hair secured as you sleep, braid it loosely.
  • If you want to conceal your thinness, there are many different ways to wear head scarves, like here, here, here, here, here, and here. By covering up the front and directing the rest of the hair back, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell your hair was thin. for the bun, just keep it loose so it doesn’t look super small. Also, you will have the ends of the scarf to incorporate in to bun so it will look bigger. Several years ago, I did a girl’s hair for a wedding (she was very thin in the bang area–actually the whole top of her head) and we incorporated a head scarf. It turned out lovely.
  • Overnight waves are also a good style. They make the hair look fuller and don’t use any heat. Watch a tutorial here.

So go check out Kristen’s beautiful blog, Taming Rapunzel, and like her Facebook page. Seriously, even just the pictures are worth it, and she has a wealth of information stored there! She’s also always willing to answer any questions you might have as to how to style your hair.


Happy styling!

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