About the Blushing Bride Series: What You Have Said You Need to Hear {+ Video}


The response from the introductory article I wrote for this series was overwhelming. You are all telling me that this is something we really need to talk about!

Here are some of the things you told me you want to hear about and I will write about:

     In Marriage

We don’t need to be afraid of talking about this, because we don’t need our girls to be afraid of one of the most pure, God-approved, beautiful, and natural things in the world… and we definitely don’t need to feel like we are alone in any struggles we face.

Read more about why I believe this is important in my introductory article, “Prepared or Petrified? Why I Am Thankful My Mother Talked to Me About Sex.”

About the Blushing Bride Series {Learning About Sex as God Would Have It} 

What can you do?

Please share this with any girls or ladies in your congregation who could benefit from godly advice in this area (basically every girl, right?!). We are all in this together. The more we look out for each other, the more incredible the ripple effect of all this information!

Please write to me if you have any questions or there is anything else you would like to see covered. I will keep all communications confidential. You can also like and contact me through my Facebook page.

Also, don’t forget to sign up to get email updates so you don’t miss a post. The sign up form is to the left. <<<

Keep it coming with all the feedback! I love it!

Articles in the Series So Far: 

“Prepared or Petrified? Why I Am Thankful My Mother Talked to Me About Sex {The Blushing Bride Series}”

Self Control and Maturity | My Lesson on 1 Corinthians 7 dealing with controlling ourselves and our sexuality.

Don’t Worry, It’s Worth the Wait | A brief overview of my own thoughts in regards to waiting until marriage

Awakening Love: What to Do When You Just Don’t Want It

Not Naughty, Just Nice: Spicing It Up Without the Smut 

Pill Problems and Contraception Questions

What Biblical Submission Looks Like in the Bedroom 

How to Be Married to the Most Attractive Man on Earth

Talking Dirty: Why Christian Girls Have a Hard Time Understanding Sexuality {And How We Can Talk About It} 

Six Lies the World Tells You about Men and Sex

– – – – – – – – – –

My husband’s series on the Song of Solomon is also well worth the time put into watching this 8-lesson series.

The first is on the importance of marriage. The next three are on dating, and the last 4 are on developing intimacy (sexual and non-sexual) and resolving marital conflict. You and your husband can watch and discuss God’s beautiful book on married and sexual love together!

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6 thoughts on “About the Blushing Bride Series: What You Have Said You Need to Hear {+ Video}

  1. Chantelle I think it’s so awesome that you are doing this series! Thank you for your willingness to be bold and speak truth into the lives of those who need to hear it! Thanks so much for sharing with Make A Difference Mondays community : )


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