No Gain on the Road Again: A Traveller’s Guide To Staying Healthy {Ribs Included}

Travelling is a lot of fun, but it can also be extremely challenging – especially when it comes to keeping fit and staying healthy. This past trip to the United States I showed myself that it was possible to eat out most of the time and still acheive my fat loss goals, losing 2 kilos in my last week on the road. I lost weight while driving about 8 hours a day. It can be done!

Since I am back in the States again, it’s a timely time to review my efforts from last time so that I can keep my health and not go backwards this time.

It is possible to not gain weight while on the road (which I have done many times before), and I am going to share with you my “secrets!” Here’s my complete how-to guide for eating healthy (and Paleo-ish) on the road – on a time and money budget too.  I’d love to eat at restaurants where I could easily pick what I want for every meal on the road – but it’s just not possible time or money wise!


1. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. Omelettes, scrambled eggs, sausage, veggies – all okay.  Ask for a side of eggs and a side of bacon – often it’s cheaper to order this way! If you are at a fast food joint that doesn’t serve them, ask for the egg and sausage biscuit without the biscuit.


Burger King breakfast: sausage, egg and tomato – skipped the croissant.


Mcdonald’s breakfast: side of sausage, side of eggs, side of bacon. 


Mcdonald’s breakfast at the airport:, side of eggs, side of bacon. This was just $3!

2. Fast. Fasting three or four times a week is good for your digestive system, especially if you are eating out a lot. Have your last meal at 8pm and then fast until 11am, or your lunch time. Have lots of water, and even a black coffee if you wish!

3. Coffee. Simply have it black with a knob of butter and fast (see above). Add unsweetened cinnamon for extra goodness.

Lunches and Dinners

1. Burgers. Order your burger without the bun and with extra salad. Most places are used to this and will have no problem with your order. Depending on how used to it they are will depend on how pretty your burger looks. It’s still super delicious too! Carl’s Junior (Hardy’s) is a top choice, because they actually do a low carb burger wrapped in lettuce. Score!


Burger at the airport.


Culver’s Burger. Their burgers are super duper good!

2. Barbeque. Meat and veggies – how can you go wrong? Some places are easier to eat healthy at than others in this regard, but look for the veggie that isn’t breaded or fried and you’ll do well. Opt for the vinegar-based sauce over the sweet one.


Baseball game: smoked turkey breast with extra broccoli slaw and a large pickle


Ribs joint: smoked ribs, corn, turnip greens, iced tea with lemon

3. Mexican. Think fajitas without the tortillas, or a salad without the fried tortilla bowl. Skip the chips – if you can. My hubby always wants the chips, so I have to suffer as I wait. Once the meal comes out, you will not miss the chips though. The portions are always huge! 🙂


Chicken fajita salad


Mean hubby eating corn chips in front of me, and looking smashing in his beard


Chipolte: so good, but a bit more expensive. Love the freshness. Order a bowl without beans.

4. Salads. This may seem obvious, but salads are a great way to get your greens on the road, and are often not very expensive. I particularly liked the salads from Chik-fil-a, as well as some random places we went. Greeeens. Order the dressing on the side, and opt for the vinegar based one – no creamy dressings, these usually have nastiness inside them.


Salad at a random cafe


 Salad from the salad bar at Pizza Hut with a side of un-breaded chicken wings.  

5. All-day breakfasts. These have to be one of my favorites at any restaurant. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and is lovely any time of the day. Give me an omelette. Order bacon over ham, skip the toast/pancakes and order a side of veggies. If you have had a strenuous workout that day and you are super hungry, order a side of hash browns.


An omelette for dinner at Perkins with a side of spinach and hot lemon water. 

Snacks and Drinks

1. Whole food pre-packed snacks. Swing by a store and grab yourself some convenient snacks for when you are hungry. Even the grocery store has a lot of great options nowadays. I enjoyed larabars and these “power snacks” my mother got me for when I felt like a sweet treat.

Some good choices are: larabars, beef jerky, whole milk cheese, whole milk unsweetened yoghurt,  coconut water, nuts, and sweet potato crisps.


Super powered goji cacao snacks from my mum worked a treat! 


Larabars are made from all natural ingredients – usually simply nuts, fruit, cacao and coconut oil. 


Coconut water from a health food store along the way. Full of electrolytes and delicious!

2. Fresh fruit. Most convenience stores and gas stations have fresh fruit available. Apples are the lowest in sugar and bananas are one of the highest – but any fruit is better for you than the cookie your husband is eating while sitting next to you…

3. Drinks. You know that Coke is not a good choice, so what do you order? Some good choices are: unsweetened tea, coffee, water and freshly squeezed fruit juice (on occasion). Often I just order some hot water and a bowl of lemons – great for digestion!

4. Coffee. Have it black, with some heavy cream, or with a knob of butter if you wish. Half and half isn’t half bad either, but butter or heavy cream is preferrable. Milk really doesn’t agree with me, so butter works best, but when we go to Starbucks I lIke a little heavy cream sometimes as a treat. Add cinnamon for extra goodness. Try not to drink after 3pm for your body clock’s sake.


This coffee was less than desirable, so I sweetened it with stevia – I was impressed this truck stop had this healthy sweetener choice!


This was my favorite brand of coffee in the States – intelligentsia! Such a great blend. Wherever this coffee was, we tried to find it. 

Well that’s basically what I ate while on the road… as well as that I tried to get as much exercise as I could. We hiked a few times and went to the gyms at the hotels we stayed at. If we stayed at people’s houses I sometimes went for a jog. Weights are my preferred method of exercise, so I chose gym over running every time I could.

Read about the beginning of my journey towards health here.

Is there anything I left out, or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

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