A Personal Psalm of Thanksgiving

While I was attending Four Seas Bible College, one of the assignments we were asked to do was to write a personal psalm. It had to be using words that we use and relate to today. The psalmists wrote from their heart in their heart language – and that’s how they wanted us to write. The piece also had to reflect the literary styles that the psalmists used.

Psalms are emotions on paper. Praise, thanksgiving, misery, reflection, humility, hatred, hope, desperation, fear, trust, awe, contrition, and elation are all expressed in their rawness and richness towards God. We can relate to the psalms, though we are separated by thousands of years from their writing, because mankind today experiences the same emotions he always has.

My psalm is a psalm of thanksgiving to the One Who gives all wisdom for giving His wisdom to His people. I am so thankful for the life I have now, and I know that I have God’s wisdom to thank for the direction my life has taken.

– – – – – – – – – –

Praise the Lord for His words of life!

Sing songs to magnify the One Who gives wisdom to His children!

I will offer You my praise, O Lord, in the day time;

When darkness comes, I will not cease to lift up my voice in thanksgiving, for Your words are my instruction.

Oh, cause me to remember, O my Lord; Do not let me forget Your ways.

I have heard Your instruction from the time I was a child;

The words of Your law were sung to me when I was just a little girl.

When I fail to follow those words, my path is difficult;

My way is unsure when I neglect to consider Your instructions.

But when I consider it, Oh my Lord, the remembrance of Your law brings life and joy;

When I turn back around, the following of Your commandments brings happiness and success.

In every way that I have listened to Your words, I have done well;

I have been successful in every way that I have followed your instructions.

I see all my friends of the world, they wander about without purpose;

They stumble and fall, their steps are uncertain; they have no guide for their way.

At times I look at them and think that their life is better than mine;

They always seem happy and it seems like nothing troubles them.

But there are many troubles in the life of those who have no knowledge of your will;

Those who live to please themselves often have many sorrows.

I can see that Your word is sure and true, as my life is a testimony;

I have avoided many potential heartaches because I have lived by Your rules.

For every problem under the sun, You have a solution;

Before anyone ever had pain, You already had a way to avoid it.

Your commandments make a sure path for the believer;

And those who follow in their ways will never fall.

Praise the Lord for the sure paths that He has illuminated!

Praise the Lord for His words of life!


– – – – – – – – – –

Have you written your own psalm before? It’s definitely something worth doing. Devote some time to writing down and pouring out your emotions towards God poetically. It’s extremely cathartic and thought-provoking, and a great exercise to undertake as we come into a New Year!

– – – – – – – – – –

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