Berry Easy No-Churn Ice-Cream {Paleo; Sugar Free; Vegan}

Ice cream makes you a better person. Seriously. Try taking away ice cream from someone who is eating it and watch what a monster they become, then you’ll believe me. Take ice cream out of someone’s life, and all you have left is an ice-cream-shaped hole where their heart used to be.

True story.

Unfortunately ice cream can also make you, er… rotund. If you persist in eating copious amounts of the creamy, sugar-y variety – then you may be a nicer person, but you will also likely have a little more of yourself to love.

…but you need your ice cream, so what do you do?

Cue the super-easy, no-churn ice cream that will save your life and loved ones.


This a treat that my husband and I have often. It literally takes 2 minutes, and is a great substitute for ice cream – without the sugar-y high.

It’s also highly versatile. You can use any berry you wish, and can even use a coconut cream concentrate for a vegan/primal option.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Berry Easy No-Churn Ice-cream {Paleo; Sugar Free; Vegan}

Serves 2-3


1 cup frozen berries (we like raspberries and strawberries best)

1 large frozen banana (or 1/2 cup extra berries and a few drops of stevia for a lower sugar treat)

200ml double cream, (or coconut cream concentrate for vegan option)

Cacao nibs (or dark choc chips) and extra frozen raspberries, for topping (optional)


  1. Blend berries and banana in processor until they are in small particles.
  2. Add cream and blend until smooth – not too long, or your ice cream will melt!
  3. Serve immediately with cacao nibs and berries, or scoop and freeze in muffin tray for later.


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