Connecting to God Through the Internet {12 Soul Strengthening Resources}

With all the things vying for our attention in this world, often we find ourselves going whole days, weeks, or months without connecting to God as we really should. Too often people have more time for Facebook than for God. I know I’ve been guilty there.

The response, however, is not to unplug and go off-grid – it is to accept that the Internet is a tool and learn how to use it wisely, in a way that helps us to grow rather than stunts our growth. Oh, it is so easy to make it your enemy. With Facebook and Facebook games (while we are on that topic – please do not send me any game requests), Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, and every other time waster and in between, it can be difficult to see how the internet can be of use in connecting us to God.

But, if we put in just a little effort to set ourselves up, the internet can actually be a great help to us spiritually.


Here are some of my favourite resources I am currently using to draw me closer to God.

My Favourite Apps

  1. E-sword. This is one of the only apps I have paid money for, and it was worth every penny. You can get e-sword for free on your laptop (which I also have and use extensively), but it’s nice to have all those features on your portable device. Free commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, concordances, and Bible reading plans make this app worth the little change you invest in it. I also enjoy the feature which allows you to create lists of Scriptures on various preset topics.
  2. Logos. This is another Bible program, but what it has over the i-version of e-sword is that you can take notes, beautiful presentation, and more options for Bible marking. I enjoy using Logos for note taking, Bible-marking, and e-sword for delving deeper into the study.
  3. Echo. This is a prayer app, and it’s simply genius. You add things you want to pray about, and can even set alarms to go off at certain times to remind you to pray.
  4. I like this app primarily because you can listen to the Bible on it. For reading the Old Testament, Gospel accounts, and the book of Acts, I appreciate the dramatised version. For some reason, listening to that helps the accounts to stick better – I think because all the characters have different voices.
  5. Facebook. This one might be surprising. Honestly, it gets a bad rep – and I even go through stages where I get rather sick of it and need a break – but it is such a great way to get in touch with other members of the body, and be encouraged. It can also be a trap in this way – so be selective about how much time you spend on there and what you are looking at! Tailor your news feed to suit your spiritual needs. Check out Digging Deep in God’s Word, Lysa TerKeurst, Tomorrow’s Church Today, Phylicia Delta Blog, Time Warp Wife, and The Light Network are all pages that I find encouraging… and while you are at it, join me at Happy Healthy Holy Home!

My Favourite Podcasts

Oh, podcasts – how I love thee! It took me too long to jump on the podcast bandwagon (mostly because I’m a rebel, so if everyone’s doing it I don’t want to!) – but now I have, I’m hooked. I listen to a podcast (or two, or three) just about every day while I fold washing, tidy a room, or do the dishes.

  1. Wifey Wednesdays. “Love God, love your husband” is the theme of this podcast which is all at once uplifting, encouraging, and practical. With a different guest every week and a vast archive of topics, this is a podcast that every woman can get into.
  2. Arrows in Our Hand. This podcast on “parenting with a purpose” is something I’ve just recently gotten into. Having a 4-month-old son, I need all the encouragement in this area I can get!
  3. Uniquely Woman. The two women who host this podcast begin by saying that they are exploring God’s idea of womanhood in light of the Bible – and they encourage everyone to check what they say against it. Having that foundation, it is a very scripture-full and encouraging podcast.

My Favourite Blogs

  1. Start to Finish. With different blogs to cater to different groups – Courageous Christian Woman, Strong Church, and Overcome Online (just to name a few) – there is something for everyone here. Start2Finish also have a range of Bible-based podcasts (which I am yet to explore!), and quality books for sale.
  2. Plain Simple Faith. This is a blog to follow – because it explores church issues on an attractive page from a modern point of view. It’s the same Bible message you’ve heard since young – refreshed and repackaged to suit its current audience. No fluff. Love it.
  3. Tomorrow’s Church, Today. This blog is full of promise and hope – as it present’s the writing of several Christian teenage authors. I love it because it makes me excited about the future of the church.
  4. Phylicia Delta Blog. Practical, smart, and highly Bible-based, this blog is great to go to when you have questions about what the woman’s Christian walk should look like. It’s particularly popular for its posts for young, single women – but I’m enjoying the posts she’s done on motherhood lately. We had our babies within weeks of each other!

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They are my top 12 – what are your favourite resources? Share them in the comments below!

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