The Book [a Poem]

I did not often pick it up to take a closer look,

It really was not my first choice,

when it came to reading books.

Still, others thought I knew it well, and if the truth be told,

there were a few notes in the margin –

pages gilt with faded gold.

I was set an example of purity, a portrait of innocence.

Sure, my actions spoke boldly –

but my heart sat on the fence.

It was my dirty little secret that nobody ever knew,

I was so afraid to be exposed,

my ignorance just grew.

And sometimes I cried, but mostly – I did not cry at all.

My heart was very light, but heavy,

was the burden on my soul.


“You must read this book!” I would declare,

but what I said was hardly fair,

the book it was just sitting there,

upon my dusty shelf.

And with Pharisaic certainty,

I’d say it was my favourite read,

a true picture of hypocrisy,

seldom gaining from its wealth.


So my ignorance still grew,

for its words I hardly knew,

and time (as it does) just flew –

the clock a-ticking ticking.

and my feet they were a-slipping,

I was stumbling and tripping –

From the shore a-drifting,

further, farther, far away.


Then one day – I just crumbled.

I realized I had stumbled –

one too many times while walking down another way.

My voice, I realized, I was giving,

to something I wasn’t really living.

My heart it fell down, humbled – and at his feet I prayed.


The cover was all dusty,

the cover of this book.

It was never really my first choice –

now I picked it up and looked.


At His feet I fell down, at others feet I learned.

I found the more His words came in,

the more for them I yearned.

Its words at first seemed bitter, but after more time at his feet

The more I came to find His words

astonishingly sweet.

And the more I let others teach, the more I came to see –

The solutions all were in the book,

And the problem was with me.

I realized that along with works, I needed my own faith.

Not just to be reliant on

what the speaker says.


So now the clock’s still ticking, tocking,

and life is never stopping,

but now I take the time (with coffee)

to sit down with that book and read.

For deep within its pages,

is a wealth for all the ages,

wisdom more than all the sages –

and its treasure that I need.


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